Virobuild Held an Architecture Discussion at Design Convention ICAD 8 Murni

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Virobuild Held Architecture Discussion at Design Convention ICAD 8 Murni

Jakarta (11/02/2017). Virobuild held architecture discussion at Design Convention ICAD 8 Murni on 2nd November 2017. The topic was "Storytelling about Indonesia through Weaving Craftsmanship and Technology". The discussion was a part of Design Convention series in the 8th Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) exhibition. Architecture and design experts gathered in the discussion. There were Miranti Gumayana (founder/principal architect of G+ Design), Rubi Roesli (founder/principal architect of Biroe), Dani Hermawan (a principal of Formologix Lab), and Ary Indra (founder/principal architect of Aboday) as speakers. Moderator of the discussion was Lea Aviliani Aziz (chairman of Indonesian Interior Designer Community). Viro's vice president for marketing, Johan Yang, also join the discussion that day.

It was about story of Indonesia that is a rich country of fascinating and authentic culture heritage. One of its heritages is weaving craftsmanship. This culture is a typical craftsmanship which was passed by our ancestor and is still alive. Weaving  has been always applied into not only handcraft products such woven basket and bag, but also into building element such as wicker wall, floor, and traditional house’s ceiling as well. Now the uniqueness from weaving culture in traditional building architecture is able to re-digest and embody into contemporary architecture creation by Indonesia designers and architects, and PT. Polymindo Permata (a mother company of Viro) is a manufacture company origin from Indonesia that has an in line vision to support it.

The discussion began from Ary Aboday telling story about his design which digests Indonesian traditional culture and folk tale into a contemporary exterior design. The design is There's Evil which was showcased during the ICAD 8 Murni exhibition. 

Miranti Gumayana, Rubi Roesli, and Dani Hermawan told story about last The Indonesian Pavilion in World Expo 2015, Milan. They talked about the concept of pavilion which is carried major theme from World Expo itself, “Feed The World”, inspired by Indonesian traditional tool to fish, Bubu Ikan. They also talked about a research they did for the architectural design of Indonesian pavilion and the difficulty of choosing materials. They had to choose a required material that suits Europe's building standard but also reflected Indonesian culture. It was challenging since the natural rattan is not all-weather and does not pass the World Expo standard, until they met Junus Sumardi, Viro's director who introduced the synthetic rattan which made of new developed material of HDPE and suit the Europe's building standard.

The discussion was attended by more than 100 participants. They were from various background from architects, designers, architecture students and lecturers, etc. The participants got actively involved by asking some question to the speakers. The discussion run well and enthusiastic.