Viro's Collaboration Highlight of The Year 2017

Submitted by webviro on Fri, 12/29/2017 - 09:13
Virobuild collaborated with architects and designers in 2017.

2017 became an active year for us to collaborate with architects and interior designers in some events. Here is the highlight of this year.


May 2017, Torricelli's Formation.

Virobuild collaborated with Formologix expert and architect, Dani Hermawan, to build a bamboo art installation with Torricelli Formation using Viro's synthetic bamboo (Virobamboo), Viroropes, and Viro's fiber. Dani said in Formologix website that the main idea of the installation is to explore the beauty and the potential of mathematical surface arrangement (Torricelli’s trumpets) that performs as a spatial composition for people. The Toriccelli’s surface is expressed through the integration of HDPE Pipe-ViroBamboo and clamp as main structure and HDPE woven fibre – ViroSurface as a dynamic surface that perform tectonically together. We showcased it in Indo Build Tech Exhibition. This installation coincidentally became one of the most iconic installation during the IBT 2017 event which attract people to experience how beautifully mathematical geometry can be expressed and implemented as built form for activities.


October 2017,  After Darkness, Comes The Light.

In Index Indonesia Mozaik Housewares & Gift Show 2017, Viro got a chance to feature in Francis Surjaseputra's work, one of Indonesian design consultants whose works have been known not only in Indonesia, also in many other countries. Viro provides Virobamboo installation for the design with themed "Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang" ("After Darkness, Comes The Light").  The installation told about secure sense and positiveness, reflected in big lights which stand everywhere, inside and outside of our home. Feeling secure from a threat, a chaos, and a riot around should be maintained, like bamboos tied sturdy. Instead sharpening a sharpened bamboo, use it for positive things to build a safe and harmony in society. A translucent wall on the partition reflects a dynamic life in people's relationship, open yet respect certain boundaries, so that can make a perfect safe and peace condition.


October 2017, VIP Lounge of Jakarta Fashion Week.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 collaborates with HDII (Indonesian Society of Interior Designer) to decorate the interior's venue. Viro supports HDII with our customized bamboo (translucent) and woven for VIP Lounge's interior which is designed by Theresia Purnomo. From the material of fibers, fabrication, and weaving, we worked it in-house.


November 2017,  There's Evil.

This is the second time we collaborated with Abodai architecture founder, Ari Indra.  There’s Evil, an architectural design for ICAD 8 Murni”s statement exhibition by Ari Indra, digests Indonesian culture and folk tale into a contemporary exterior design. The design forms a Buto Beeru character, which the claws and eye appear from a mass gap, clutched between beams and emerge from the peak. It symbolizes a malicious, dark desire, and malignance which however we strongly want to neglect it, it is inevitableness. We used customized Virothatch, Viro's synthetic rattan/fiber, and metal frame.


Viro has infinite possibilities to innovate, collaborate, and preserve traditional aesthetics and architectures at the same time. We are confident to face 2018 with more challenges and good opportunities.